Collection: 6 Candles for $60

Create your own magical candle collection with our Half-Case Bundle Deal. Please select up to six of your preferred fragrances for our Triple Scented 8oz. Signature Luxri  Jelly Jars will enhance your area with intriguing scents. It's simple! Simply follow these steps.

1. Choose Your Scents: Browse through our amazing candle smells and select your top six. Take note of the quantity you want for each perfume. (exp. 3- Lavender)

2. Place the Order: Type your selected fragrances and quantities.

3. Enjoy: Once we get your order, we'll carefully assemble your personalized half-case bundle to ensure you get the scents you love.

Whether you're treating yourself or someone special, our Half-Case Bundle Deal allows you to create the ultimate candle collection. Immerse yourself in the scents that move you, and let the enchantment begin. Experience the delight of Luxri Home Fragrances today!

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