Start your Candle Business


Tin Colors  Available: White, Rose Gold, Sliver, & Black.


Custom Scents 

Scent 1: Floral Oasis

Scent 2: Earthy Wonderland

Scent 3: Love Potion

Scent 4: Epic Desire

Scent 5: Heavens Blessing


Labels are Optional, we can add them, or you can add your own. 

Wholesale Orders:

Tin Color and Candle Scent: you will choose on the Order.

Custom Labels: You may send us your Logo or Design you would like on the Candles to our email at

Timeframe: Depends on the request. If a logo needs to be designed, allow a few days for design, another few more days for client to approve design and then, they are sent out for printing. While we wait for the label printing, we will work on your candles. As soon as the labels are received, the candles will be finished and wrapped. It could take approximately 2 weeks in total. However if this is an order that needs to be expedited, we can use another service for labels for requests like this, and can have it all ready by the agreed date. 

Samples are available to order before purchase