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Luxri Home Fragrances

Black Soap Charcoal Peppermint Wash-Luxri Home Fragrances

Black Soap Charcoal Peppermint Wash-Luxri Home Fragrances

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This soft creamy charcoal wash aids in the removal of pollutants, grime, and bacteria from beneath the skin. This improves its texture and look while also removing poisons that do not belong. If you want to keep your skin refreshed and acne-free, this is the wash for you. Charcoal aids in the treatment of most skin disorders and detoxifies the skin. It goes well with our charcoal peppermint body polish.


Tea Tree Oil, Plantain Ash, Distilled water, Cocoa pods, Glycerin, Avocado oil, Olive oil, Marula oil, Activated charcoal powder, Lemon extract, Vitamin E oil, Peppermint essential oil, Palm Kernal Oil, Coconut Oil, Turmeric



How to use

Apply a dime-sized amount into the palm of your hand or washcloth. Dilute it with water and rub hands/washcloth together before applying it to your skin.

Use daily.



Use a small amount of our product to perform a patch test on your wrist or hand area to ensure no allergic reactions will occur.

Please ensure you have read the ingredients list to ensure you are not allergic to anything. This product may contain nuts from oil.

Do not use on broken skin. Product is for external use only. This product is Paraben free. This product has not been clinically tested. This product is not intended to cure, prevent or provide treatment to medical conditions. If you are pregnant, consult with your doctor before use.

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