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Luxri Home Fragrances

Macaron Bliss Cupcake Wax Candle Melt

Macaron Bliss Cupcake Wax Candle Melt

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Indulge in pure bliss with our Macaron Bliss Cupcake Melt. The luxurious blend of cashmere, amber, and spun sugar will envelop you in warmth and comfort, while delicate notes of jasmine, tea rose, and pink peppercorn add a touch of elegance. Say goodbye to worries and hello to pure relaxation.


Top notes: White Jasmine, Pink Peppercorn, Poppy

Middle notes: Tea Rose Petals, Golden Amber, Soft Cotton

Base notes: Cashmere Musk, Sun-kissed Suede, Spun Sugar


Clean Eco Friendly Scent

Requires a Melt Pot

Coconut Soy Wax

25-30  hour burn time

Luxri Home Fragrances 

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